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The Rise, Reign and [Potential] Fall of Yahoo's Marissa Mayer

In 1975 Marissa Mayer was born into a middle class home with two working class parents—far from the glamor and glory of a yet to be born booming Silicon Valley. A small-town girl from Wisconsin, her first job was not designing a computer or electrical circuitry, but working at a local grocer as an inventory manager during high school. (Although she was highly exceptional at school in math and science, she was day-to-day far from living the life of the prodigy we are familiar with today’s start-up CEOs.) Taking ballet lessons, baking brownies, ice skating; just a small town girl, with ambition. However, the significance of these humble beginnings would become forever more important from this seemingly simple and typical childhood, one of the world’s most powerful executives arose. The upbringing of Marissa Meyer would transform into an American Dream consummate, despite the criticisms American meritocracy has received with the seeming fall of the American education. Meyer’s journey to unprecedented success did show first glimmers when she entered Stanford University.


When you open up a book, play a CD, or even watch a VHS tape you’re utilizing a method of storing data created by man.  One of man’s greatest weaknesses has long been his incapacity to remember, to recall his past experiences, ideas, or memories.  It has been the inability of man to collect information and store it in large accessible quantities within his brain that has led him to create technology such as writing to enable us to store information that we need or that we think others may need in the future.   From the great library of Alexandria to British trade records to the library of Congress, data has been compiled throughout human history.  Yet only in the past fifty years has data taken on a new meaning in the lives of billions.

Closing Down an Open Platform

When the iPhone was first announced in the summer of 2007, it caused waves throughout the mobile market, with many proclaiming it to be one of the greatest innovations in the mobile industry. Simultaneously however, this announcement left many, especially Google, uneasy at Apple’s potential dominance in the industry. They saw an ominous future for smartphones if Apple was allowed to monopolize the market. It was said that if there was no competition to fight against Apple, there would be a draconian future—a future where one man, one company, one device, [and] one carrier would be our only choice.

Fishes and Oceans Alike

Recently, Microsoft and Apple both released an update to their operating system, from Windows 8 and OS X Lion to Windows 8.1 and OS X Mavericks 10.9, respectively. Having had the pleasure of being able to personally experience both operating systems- one on my Microsoft Surface RT and the other on my MacBook pro, here is an analysis on some of the discrepancies, issues, and points of interest found across both operating systems. 


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